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Workers Compensation & Health Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is designed to cover medical bills and other expenses resulting from on-the-job injuries. The workers compensation laws of your state will typically dictate if and when an independent contractor is required to secure workers compensation. As a ride-sharing driver, you would be considered an independent contractor. For more information about this insurance and the laws in your state, contact Morrow Insurance.

Many personal health insurance policies will not cover medical bills resulting from work-related accidents. The agents at Morrow Insurance can help you review your health insurance policy to determine what coverage, if any, will apply if you are injured while driving for a ride-sharing service.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Some states require drivers to purchase personal injury protection to cover expenses incurred as a result of an injury suffered in an auto accident. In other states, personal auto insurance companies offer this insurance coverage as an optional purchase. Our agents can help you determine what coverage, if any, will apply under your PIP insurance should you be injured while driving for a ride-sharing service.

Protect Yourself

A typical personal auto insurance policy is not designed to cover your injuries if they occur while you are using your car as a “livery conveyance.” The extra money you earn driving for the service may seem insignificant should you suffer an uninsured loss. For information about how to protect yourself before you take that first fare, contact us at Morrow Insurance.